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Quadbike Jogja

Riding ATV Quad Bikes is great fun, enjoy the thrill of an ATV Quad Bike tour ride off the beaten track during your Yogyakarta vacation aboard your own all terrain vehicle (ATV). Climb onto a quad bike and follow an experienced guide along a challenging track, suitable for all skill levels. With wet and dry circuit around rice field area. Showers, lunch, refreshments, and safety tool included. Contact Us for booking schedule

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We are as good as our next idea.
Service during your tour is what you need. The best service. To make sure that you have that 'once in a lifetime experience'. To experience a tour that you will never forget. To give you that 'the best service', we need to be innovative. Being innovative is universal, we all do it. But how we innovate is unique to each of us. Our next idea is to always provide something you don't expect, to find the new spots, to show you our Java.

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